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Read the Exclusive Interview influencer Anisa Sojka just debuted her new self-titled line, featuring a collection of accessories made to upgrade any look. Read how she discusses the launch of the brand, her design inspiration, and her favorite pieces to shop and gift right now in the LTK app!

Q: Hey Anisa, we’re so excited to partner with you on the launch of your lifestyle brand, ‘Anisa Sojka’, and we can’t wait to hear more about your first collection that’s available to shop via (just in time for gifting season!). Let’s start by reminiscing a little; can you tell us about yourself, when you became an influencer and what you were doing prior to launching your own brand?

A: I’m so excited to be partnering with you on the launch too! I initially started blogging 7 years ago when I moved to London to do my Masters (in Strategic Fashion Marketing at London College of Fashion). After graduating, I worked on the digital team for a British fashion designer for 2 years, my focus was on e-commerce and their online blog. My following was consistently growing since moving to London and content creation was always such a passion of mine, so I decided to leave my office job to pursue it full time. Content creation has been my full-time gig for 3.5 years now and I am so glad I took that leap of faith.

Q: You’ve recently gone viral on Instagram with your seriously lust-worthy hair hack reels, can you tell us what inspired you to share these quick and easy tutorials? Was it something that happened organically or something that you have always wanted to pursue?

A: Before growing my hair out this year, it has been very short for over 5 years and so I never thought of including it as a focus in my content. There was one post I made back in spring 2020 that was hair focused and it got much higher engagement (likes, saves, shares, re-grams) than any other post I had ever made so it got me thinking – oh, if this is what people want to see more of, I should continue to create this kind of content. It went from posting a hair focused shot every 4 posts, to every 3, to every other and now that’s all I create. And honestly I enjoy creating hair content so much! I have always been one to experiment with hairstyles. So it was really organic, I decided to focus on it because that’s what people were responding most to.

Q: And of course, the question we’re all wondering… what’s it like to have *such* amazing hair? Can you share us with a few of your secrets for a healthy, glossy mane?

A: First of all, thank you! That’s very sweet. I think the main “secret” is that I only wash it once a week, heat on it maximum once a week, get all the vital nutrition via food (protein, zinc, biotin, iron, vitamins ABCDE), get a trim every 3 months and avoid colouring it. Next, you think about the products you use and what ingredients work best for your hair. Essential oils and weekly hair masks help to nourish and strengthen too!

Q: Ok, noted! Let’s talk about starting your own brand – that’s why we’re here right? When did you know you wanted to take your influencer business to the next level and when did you officially start putting in the work to make it a reality?

A: I put a lot of thought into it early 2019 and actually began doing some research spring of 2019. However, content creation work got really busy and I just never had the time I wanted to pursue it properly, so I put it on hold. When COVID hit, content creation jobs slowed down dramatically for a few months so I had all this free time on my hands, wondering how to fill it. I picked up on the research I started in May 2020 and here we are in December, my brand is finally alive and I’m beyond thrilled to be able to share it all. I did it all myself so it really is my little baby.

Q: What would your advice be to other influencers or readers who would like to launch their own brand?

A: I think the key ingredient is passion – if it’s something that excites you to the core and you give it your all, people will always be able to see that. You have to be willing to work overtime and continuously aim towards making it better.

Q: How important has rewardStyle and been to the creation of your business?

A: LTK has always been vital when it comes to content creation for me, I have been using it for so many years. The main question I get is “where is that from?” and the widgets LTK offer make it so easy for my followers to easily shop my content. I have all my looks linked in my Instagram bio – it makes my feed instantly shoppable which is ideal for the engaged follower that wants to recreate a look.

As a content creator myself, I wanted to be able to offer this to other content creators who may purchase and wear my products. Having my brand on rewardStyle makes this possible – it’s handy for them to be able to link their whole outfit (including accessories) to their followers, as I’m sure they get that question all the time too.

Q: Your brand ‘Anisa Sojka’ consists of timeless hair accessories and statement gold jewellery; did you always know that this would be your focus or did the idea evolve over time as you transitioned into the realm of haircare?

A: I have always considered jewellery and hair accessories to be the finishing touch of every outfit. It is the last thing I put on and I feel like it completes the look. When I began thinking about this in early 2019, it was actually only hair accessories I was considering, while in May 2020 my thoughts were focused on jewellery. As my following began to grow based on all of my hair content, I knew I had to incorporate that too. I have been wearing jewellery and hair accessories since I was a toddler, it’s a dream to be able to call this my own.

Q: We’re utterly obsessed with your stackable hoop earrings, but every single item is on our wishlist. What inspired your first collection?

A: Thank you! I have always been inspired by vintage collections – I can see a lot of my accessories on my mom in the 80s. She is my fashion icon, after-all. To suit my style, I wanted everything to be sophisticated with an edge. From subtle to statement pieces, the aim is for my collection to stylishly dress up anyone’s outfit.

Q: We think everyone would agree that your entire collection would make the perfect festive gift, what are your favourite 5 pieces that you think our readers should treat themselves (or a loved one) to?

A: Oh that’s a tough question, difficult to only pick 5! I think the hair accessories make great stocking fillers; they arrive in pretty black velvet pouches which already make them look like a gift. I’m obsessed with the flat snake necklaces, go for the dainty if you’re (or whoever you are gifting) is more of a minimalist and the thicker one if you’re a maximalist. They smoothly take the shape of your décolletage and are just so beautiful!

For earrings I think the interlocking hoop earrings because not only are they so elegantly chic, but they can be worn 2 ways (with or without the bottom hoop). I mean who doesn’t love a 2-in-1 deal?! All of the jewellery comes in elegant black pleather boxes with a velvet insert, which make them very gift-worthy too!

Q: Lastly, and most importantly, where can our lovely readers shop your collection?

A: I have used lifestyle images to link all of my products on my LTK profile to give you inspiration on how to style them. My LTK profile is available to browse on the app or via the link in my Instagram bio. We ship internationally and the delivery times range depending on where you are ordering from (UK 1-3 working days, Europe 2-5 working days, ROW 5-7 working days).

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