The Beginners Guide to Fitness with Fashion Influencer Gemma Talbot

We were in dire need of fitness motivation, so we meddled with the powers that be and interviewed fashion turned fitness blogger Gemma Talbot on how keeping fit has changed her life, the challenges she faces; and how she makes it FASHION…

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My biggest motivation for looking after my health is…

To feel good and stay in reasonable shape throughout the course of the year. Health is wealth as they say. I do like to live a balanced lifestyle and not resist myself by any means. 

I would describe my fitness regime as…

Fun, varying and led by what I feel I want to train. I like to have a plan whenever I workout which will lead me to have a better workout. I think this is so important for anyone who lifts weights because you’ll step into the gym and feel ready to smash your workout. 

My workout routine normally consists of…

A mixture of dumbbell and machine based workouts. I always favour weight lifting over cardio and I usually train by either push day, pull day or legs. I’ve also been adding chin ups into my routines a lot recently to build up my strength. 

My biggest challenges are…

Mastering a pull up. I’ve been able to progress to 4-5 chin ups but I seem to lack the upper body strength to do a full pull up. I am definitely working on this and hope to be able to do this at some point this year. Practice makes perfect. 

girl wearing blue gym leggings and top in a kitchen

These are my top three tips for anyone looking to kick-start their 2020 resolutions…

Get some killer activewear that will make you want to take yourself to the gym. There’s nothing more motivating to me than a brand new activewear set that I love. 

Set yourself realistic goals that are achievable. I say this because if you set unrealistic fitness goals you’re less likely to achieve them and you’ll lose motivation. Even if this means setting monthly goals and you can push yourself that extra mile once you’ve reached them. 

Find something you enjoy. Not everyone likes the gym floor but there are a lot of different workout classes that can ensure you achieve your fitness goals. I’ve recently tried spin at Psycle because I wanted to try new things this year. I’ve also heard that F45 HIIT circuit classes are good too. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. The more you try, the more you’ll achieve. 

My number one styling rule for the gym is..

Comfort always. If I get to the gym and am not comfortable in my activewear, it will genuinely affect my workout. For me a comfortable activewear set must sculpt and hug me in the right places, have a good stretch, be squat proof and sweat proof. I advise wearing black most of the time especially if you are conscious of sweat patches but I personally like to inject a bit of colour into my gym outfits. 

Some of my favourite brands are…

Gymshark, Aim’n, Sweaty Betty and Do You Even. ASOS also have a great activewear brand 4505 which I’ve recently discovered. It’s affordable and doesn’t compromise on quality either. 

These are the accessories you need if you’re going to take fitness seriously…

Resistance bands and knee pads for squats, lunges and leg press. It is so important to protect your knees and joints from strain and injury. A good pair of gym gloves and a comfortable but stylish pair of gym trainers don’t go a miss too!

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