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Jen Reed, the woman behind @thesisterstudioig, is the queen of taking fashion basics from boring to chic. She shows you how to style everyday pieces into several different looks, so that you can get the most out of those closet essentials. Let’s see how she styles the 5 items below:

Ripped Jeans

Here, she’s paired her cuffed, light wash jeans with a white tee. The base of the outfit is casual, but she elevates it with a tan blazer and black booties to maintain a more polished look. 

Printed Skirt

Female Influencer Standing In Tan and Black Printed Skirt With Rolling Stones T-Shirt And Light Denim Jacket

For this outfit, she has styled a silky skirt into a casual outfit by pairing it with a graphic tee and denim jacket. The coordinated sneakers and purse help create a chic look perfect for Sunday brunch. 

Camo Pants

Female Influencer Standing Wearing Camouflage Pants With Grey T-Shirt and Denim Jacket

Here, she has made camo pants look classy by keeping the rest of her outfit neutral. The gray tones of her shirt and jacket accent the olive pants, while her tan accessories pop against the other cool-colored pieces. 

Oversized Sweater

Female Influencer Standing Wearing Oversized Grey Sweater With Knit Black Skirt And Black Booties

In this look, she has paired a gray, slouchy sweater with a knit midi-skirt to create a cozy, yet simple outfit. The tucked hem and rolled sleeves keep the sweater from looking too baggy, as well as highlighting the waist and accessories.  

Denim Jacket

Female Influencer Standing Wearing Black Shirt and Pants With Denim Jacket and Tan Boots and Purse

For this outfit, she has kept it simple with an all black foundation. The denim jacket contrasts the black tee and jeans, and compliments the orangey-brown tones of her accessories to create a flattering look.

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