Category Winners - LikeToKnowIt

These influencers were selected based on how they used the LTK platform to expand their business in new ways.

Innovator of the Year

Shea McGee, Studio McGee

Shea and her team enlisted fresh ways to showcase their LTK Shop content with a multimedia shopping experience, which introduced the brand to a whole new audience.

LTK has been instrumental in building a loyal community that rallies behind our product launches… it feels like a natural extension of our brand as we create and share beauty on a daily basis.

Trendsetter of the Year

Jen Adams, Interior Designerella

Jen set the bar for creative content on her LTK Shop! Not only did she try new mediums like livestream shopping events, but she also developed approachable content that built a strong following.

LTK has not only changed the way we shop, it has changed my life! I’m in awe this is how I can provide for my family. It’s such an incredible honor to carry LTK Trendsetter of the Year and I am SO motivated to keep pushing and growing, and doing this together!

Rising Star of the Year

Nena Evans, Take Note Blog

Nena is the one to watch! She showed real hustle this year and used her LTK Shop to gain traction and increase earnings!

Being named Rising Star of the Year gives me even more energy to keep up the momentum and continue working towards the next goal!

Brand Founder of the Year

Nell Diamond, Hill House Home

As one of the fastest-growing, newly onboarded brands, Hill House Home’s comfortable nap dress took LTK by storm! This year, Nell’s brand made a huge impact with LTK shoppers and continues to grow to new heights.

I’m honored to receive the LTK Brand Founder of the Year Award. It’s incredible to see how Hill House Home has been embraced by global influencers this year, and we’re so appreciative of all your support.